The More You Do – The Better You Feel

How To Learn to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Happier Life

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Section One – Understanding Procrastination

Chapter One: A Life in Such Perfect Conflict 7
Chapter Two: “How Did I End Up This Way?” 27
Chapter Three: A New Species Is Discovered-The Human Ostrich 45
Chapter Four: The Characteristics, Behaviors, and Traits of the Human Ostrich 53
Chapter Five: Procrastination and Depression 77

Section Two – Into Action

Chapter Six: The Burden of Avoidance 91
Chapter Seven: Floating Away From Reality 97
Chapter Eight: Developing the Willingness to Change 103
Chapter Nine: The Golden Rules of Overcoming Habitual Procrastination 109
Chapter Ten: Training Yourself to Focus on Just One Task 127
Chapter Eleven: Continuing Your Forward Motion 137
Chapter Twelve: Dealing with Setbacks 153
Chapter Thirteen: Advanced Techniques for Overcoming Procrastination 175
Chapter Fourteen: The Procrastinator’s Relationships with Significant Others 197
Chapter Fifteen: Helping the Procrastinating Student 203
Chapter Sixteen: Review 217
Index 225