The More You Do – The Better You Feel

How To Learn to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Happier Life


recovering procrastinator. See advanced techniques for overcoming procrastination; avoidance; characteristics of recovering procrastinator; floating away from reality; Golden Rules of overcoming habitual procrastination; The J.O.T. Method™ (“just one task” at a time technique); setbacks, dealing with; significant other’s relationship with procrastinator; student procrastinators; techniques for overcoming procrastination; willingness to change development

reinforcement, positive, 195, 221

reminders of procrastination, 29–33

responsibility, personal, 3

returning student procrastinators, 213–15

See also habitual procrastination; human ostrich; student procrastinators

returning to uncompleted tasks frustration, 71

rewards, as positive reinforcement, 195, 221

roadmap for dealing with tasks, 172, 220

rules for overcoming habitual procrastination. See Golden Rules of overcoming habitual procrastination

sacrifices, making, 193, 213

satisfaction/lack of satisfaction upon completion of task, 72, 220

secure and confident feelings, 86–87, 220

self-awareness, 92

self-communication characteristic, 65–66

self-esteem/lack self-esteem development, 3, 116, 133

self-statements, improper/inappropriate, 116–19, 137–38

self-talk, positive, 154–55, 163–65, 218

setbacks, dealing with

alcohol and substance abuse, and suggestions for, 162–63

changing long-held habits and, 153–54

decision-making and, 172–73

depression, and suggestions for, 166–67

feelings scenarios and, 172–73

frustration, and frustration fighters for, 157–59

goals as unreasonable or realistic and, 155–57

Internet surfing, and suggestions for, 162

The J.O.T. Method™ and, 168–72

panic attacks, and suggestions for, 165–66

positive self-talk, and suggestions for, 163–65

preventive measures for, 163–68

suggestions for, 167–68

television viewing, and suggestions for, 159–62

unrealistic expectations and positive rebuttals for, 154–55

“Should I be doing something else?” thinking, 62–63

significant other’s relationship with procrastinator, 197–200

solutions for procrastination, 2–3, 221–23

stress, 39–43

stuck feelings, 8–10

student procrastinators

academic competition and, 215–16

college, 211–13

description of, 204–5

external forces and, 210–11

giving up distractions and, 213

grade-school, 205–7

internal resistance and, 208–9

The J.O.T. Method™ and, 209

making sacrifices and, 213

parents and, 203, 207–11

reasons for, 203–4

returning students and, 213–15

teenagers as, 207

See also characteristics of human ostrich; habitual procrastination; human ostrich

substance and alcohol abuse, 162–63

symptoms of depression, treatment of, 80–82

taking control over life, 7–8