The More You Do – The Better You Feel

How To Learn to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Happier Life


academic competition, 215–16

action, into. See advanced techniques for overcoming procrastination; avoidance; floating away from reality; Golden Rules of overcoming habitual procrastination; The J.O.T. Method™ (“just one task” at a time technique); setbacks, dealing with; significant other’s relationship with procrastinator; student procrastinators; techniques for overcoming procrastination; willingness to change development


perception of, 47–50

small amounts of work vs. tremendous, 64–65

See also physical activities

advanced techniques for overcoming procrastination

“beginning and end” of project thinking and, 194

combining techniques using The J.O.T. Method™ as, 178–82

compromising as good decision-making and, 195

counting technique using The J.O.T. Method™ and, 183–86

depression/procrastination connection recognition and, 175–76

“do”-ers and, 177

“do”-ing as best cure for worst tasks and, 195

filing cabinet organization as anti-depressant and, 191–92

“first things first” attitude and, 193

the force of positive habits and, 176

giving up distractions and, 193

improvements on The J.O.T. Method™ and, 177–86

larger projects compartmentalization strategies and, 186–90

light housecleaning as starter-task and, 190–91

making sacrifices and, 193

“patience” as mantra and, 192

physical activities and, 190–91

prioritizing tasks and, 194

rewards as positive reinforcement and, 195, 221

See also Golden Rules of overcoming habitual procrastination; techniques for overcoming procrastination

alcohol and substance abuse, 162–63

all-or-nothing thinking, 12, 68–69

alternating between tasks difficulties, 60

anxiety choosing between high priority tasks, 3, 57–58

See also panic attacks


comfortable being uncomfortable and, 93–94

distorted outlook and, 94–95

helpless and hopeless feelings and, 3, 94, 96

over-analysis leads to paralysis and, 3, 91–92

self-awareness of, 92

willingness to change development, and overcoming, 95

See also techniques for overcoming procrastination