The More You Do – The Better You Feel

How To Learn to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Happier Life

About The Author

David Parker

DAVID PARKER suffered for years with depression and anxiety.  During a particularly low point, he recalled a friend’s advice and started keeping a feelings diary.  After keeping the diary for some time, he saw a connection between the tasks that he avoided facing and his poor feelings and low self-esteem.  Armed with this insight, Mr. Parker taught himself to face his tasks and the overwhelming feelings they brought by learning to focus on Just One Task, which he incorporated into “The J.O.T. Method™”.

While self-help books have traditionally been bought more by women than men, Mr. Parker has noticed that his book has been purchased in equal amounts by men as it has by women.  In addition, half of those buying his book in person mentioned to him that their purchase was meant as a gift, out of concern for someone else’s struggle with habitual procrastination or depression.

To learn more about David Parker and why he wrote his book, you are invited to read the Author Q&A.

David Parker, who has lived in London, San Francisco, and Brooklyn, New York is available to speak about overcoming procrastination before your association, group, or school.  If you would like to have Mr. Parker speak before your organization, please send him an e-mail via this website’s contact page.