The More You Do – The Better You Feel

How To Learn to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Happier Life


Are You A Human Ostrich?

The More You Do The Better You Feel

Do you stick your head in the sand at the thought of dealing with a task that seems boring, complicated, or unpleasant? Do you pay your bills late because the last time you balanced your checkbook was more than six months ago? While working on one task do you keep thinking you should be dealing with a different task?

  • Is your living space messy and your life unorganized?
  • Does your habitual procrastination leave you feeling depressed and anxious?
  • Do you know the 25 characteristics and behaviors of the human ostrich?
  • Do you wait for the right time to come before dealing with a task—only to find that the fright time never arrives—so nothing gets done?
  • Do you clean up only when family or friends will be visiting, and then let your place fall back into untidiness after they’ve gone?
  • After you’ve cleaned for visitors, do you tell yourself “It doesn’t count!” because you weren’t doing it for yourself?
  • Have you stopped having visitors over because you’re ashamed of how your home looks?
  • Do you worry that if the landlord, a plumber, or a repairperson needed to visit, you’d feel embarrassed?
  • Have you tried to analyze your procrastination only to have your mind run in circles? If so, did you wind up wishing you had spent that time dealing with your tasks rather than thinking about them and your lack of motivation?
  • Do you continually compare yourself to people who seem to “have it together?”
  • Are you concerned that your child or someone you care deeply about is becoming a habitual procrastinator?

The solution to your habitual procrastination is here!

  • Learn the golden rules of overcoming procrastination.
  • Stop falling victim to the downward cycle of procrastination and depression.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and immobilized with fear by learning how to effectively cope with your tasks and responsibilities.
  • Become a “do”-er by learning the easy to use and highly effective new tool—The J.O.T. Method™.